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Pomegranate Juice Processing Plant

Pomegranate Juice Processing Plant

Pomegranate Juice Processing Plant

Pomegranate Juices are made from fresh pomegranate
Artificial sugar may or may not be added to the juice extracted. 
The sugar syrup is prepared first in jacketed mixing tank and then it is mixed with fruit pulp, water along with other ingredients like flavor, color, preservatives etc. in the other mixing tank.
This mixture is pasteurized to remove any microbial growth from it and later on homogenized to prepare a uniform blend of juice. 

Complete sets of Pomegranate Juice / Beverages and soft drinks Production Line:

1. Washing & Sorting

2. Pomegranate Deseeding

3. Juice Extraction

4. Juice clarification (Ultra-Filtration)

5. Sugar Syrup Preparation Tank
6. Fruit Pulp Storage Tank 
7. Filter Press 
8. Blending 
9. Homogenization 
10. Standardization 
11. Pasteurization 
12. Filling Line: - Automatic Bottle Filling Line with Rinsing Filling & Cap Sealing Machine

In addition to the above machine, we can also offer a bottle blow molding plant which will make bottles for you from PET Preform per your desired shape and size.

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