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Fruit Washer

Vegetable Washer

Vegetable Washer

Approx. Rs 4 Lakh / Piece

Vegetable WASHER

We offer complete and continuous washing line for vegetables to be processed in frozen vegetables.

Capacity from 0.5 mt/hr to 20 mt/hr for the continuous lines.
Washing system completely manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with blower.
Sorting line with belt or rollers equipped with motor variator to adjust the speed.
We also produce batch type washing unit for small production capacity.

The main components of the washer are:

1. S.S Tank
2. P.P/S.S Belt
3. Pump
4. Gearbox & Motor
5. Blower
6. Special nozzles for fresh water spray
7. Overflow drum

The vegetables to be washed are feed to large Stainless Steel tank, where they are soaked in water & subjected to thorough agitation by means of a powerful blower, to loosen dirt, dust & such other foreign particles.

The product is Pushed by water jet then picked up by a stainless steel conveyor/ polyvinyl/ chloride perforated slat conveyor, & subjected to powerful sprays of fresh water for further through cleaning.

Depending upon the vegetables to be washed, the process conditions & through put required, vegetables washer of different model, designs & materials of construction can be supplied as per specific requirement.

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